Singapore and stuff

September 14, 2011

Okay, so we were in Singapore for a few days. In August. So mum’s making me write about it. So it sucks. The fact that I have to do this, that is. But Singapore was fun, I guess. Anyway, here’s my stupid post.

Well, there was Singapore national day, with the F-16s and the Apache and the Chinook and the paratroopers with their red smoke. That was fun. And noisy. And humid.

Then there was Universal Studios Singapore, which is by far the best theme park I have ever been to. Literallly. They turned The Mummy into a haunted house roller-coaster. Epic.

Then they had Battlestar Galactica as two different rides, one Human (big dipper) and one Cylon (suspended seat double loop).

It was impressive. Coupled with resort world, it takes up the whole island of Sentosa.

And you can’t really say you’ve done Singapore without doing the science museum with its Tesla coil and controlled firestorm. Yeah. I’m a pyromaniac.

So bye, I guess.

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My Awful (?) Mum

August 19, 2011

Disclaimer: I may not have included all of the factors, good and bad, of my mum. I kinda want to upgrade my computer and I could use another gigabyte of RAM space, so I’m trying to get an ad deal. One should be enough.

My mum sorta sux. So I wrote this blog post about it.


  • Lost my phone for me (IT HAD A COLOUR SCREEN!).
  • Has hijacked my netbook cause hers has a shoddy trackpad.
  • Is not letting me watch movies on my computer.
  • Made me do this stupid blog post (at least she didn’t object to the theme of the post…).
  • Generally does not let me talk about the crazy lady whereas she feels free to b@t*h about her all she wants.
  • Is now forcing me to do an essay after this. GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! 😦
  • Still owes me a considerable allowance.

However, I guess there is a somewhat larger nice side of my mum. Besides which this post has to reach 300 words to count.

For starters, unlike some people, she does not sell naked pics of me over the web. And she…

  • Allows us to go over-budget a lot. And I mean a LOT.
  • Eventually pays my allowance. Eventually. And she does allow me to have soft drinks.
  • Knows when I’m angry (never) and when I’m simply dehydrated (a lot of the time this is the cause).
  • Does not have very strict rules about beddy byes. Not when she has internet, anyway. Lol. 😀
  • Is usually a bit more reasonable when it comes to computers. I mean, it is mine, not hers. I mean, she didn’t ask me about it… Should I even put this in the pros section? Is this a pro or a con? Oh to hell with it. Pro it is.

Alrighty then. I’m sweating my ass off in the heat of Penang, and so I leave you now to do something that is hopefully more interesting. Bye now!

The lovely $h!thole of Kupang

July 5, 2011

Kupang. A sprawling port of 340,000 people. Filled to the brim with smog-belching trucks and bemos blasting horrible Indo pop from which there is no escape, it’s not exactly Indonesian travel destination number one.

But despite setbacks such as clogged roads, loud pop, and sweltering arid heat, the people of this city have found profit in tourism. As the capital of NTT (Nusa Tenggara Timur, use google maps and search for Kupang), most ferries and planes in NTT go here, and there are planes and boats to Bali usually. The Darwin flights no longer run.

All in all, for a city that smells of exhaust fumes and has no area quiet enough to hear yourself think; a city where you can always hear some kind of vehicle running, a city which has yet to be introduced to European or South American food, I would say it’s doing quite well.

Yet another f*cking little country

June 14, 2011

Yup, we’re now in East Timor, formally known as Timor Leste, which is an independent small country that split off from Indonesia shortly after the U.N. noticed Timor existed.Indonesia then pulled out and stopped massacring the East Timorese, and then the U.N. pulled out too.

So then the East Timorese began to massacre each other instead, so the U.N. came back, and half the economy is now based on selling stuff to foreign U.N. workers. At least they have oil and gas reserves.

Unfortunately, due to its dry, infertile terrain, there is no farming, and the only reason America even has an embassy is because of the 3-km deep channel between Dili (the capital), and the nearby island of Atauro.

Anyway, the point is we’re here.

Dive Komodo

May 20, 2011

Komodo. The island of the dragons. F*ck dragons. We, sir, have scuba dived it. See, Komodo island is also home to some of the best diving on Earth. Literally. It’s so colourful, so diverse that I saw a shark, a turtle and a manta ray all in the same day. No, really I did!

So anyway, I finished the dive early because I was getting cold and tired, but mum and Guy, our group’s dive master, kept on going while I lounged on the roof of the dive boat. As for what went on underwater, you can check out mum’s blog at for more details. Bye all!

Bali and back

May 18, 2011

So. Here we are. Sitting at computers in a restaurant in Labuan Bajo.  Back from our brief visa run to Bali. It was actually quite fun in Seminyak and Denpasar. We were mainly (surprise, surprise) sitting on our arses in a restaurant with WiFi. But we did go to periplus to get some books. I got Percy Jackson and the titan’s curse and The knife of never letting go.

We also got a bedtime book about philosophy and such. And to be honest, that was our trip to Bali. Sorry for not having much to write about. 😦


The boringest island

May 8, 2011

Hello all! I haven’t posted recently because I’ve been on Sumbawa. Sumbawa is a very boring island. We came in at the port of Poto Tano, then drove on and spent the night in Taliwang, and drove on to Rantung, which had supposedly got beginner surf. But the surf was huge and there were loads of rocks too.

So we stayed the night there and in the morning drove to the capital, Sumbawa Besar, in search of internet. None to be found. So we got our laundry done and legged it. And that’s how we got to flores.