The boringest island

Hello all! I haven’t posted recently because I’ve been on Sumbawa. Sumbawa is a very boring island. We came in at the port of Poto Tano, then drove on and spent the night in Taliwang, and drove on to Rantung, which had supposedly got beginner surf. But the surf was huge and there were loads of rocks too.

So we stayed the night there and in the morning drove to the capital, Sumbawa Besar, in search of internet. None to be found. So we got our laundry done and legged it. And that’s how we got to flores.


4 Responses to The boringest island

  1. Theodora says:

    Well, you’ve pretty much summed up Sumbawa, darling. Well done.

  2. Anne-Marie says:

    I’ll cross it off my to do list, then.

  3. 10yo in search of surf doesn’t find it in sumbawa. LOVE this!

  4. I can feel your boredom all the way over here in Mexico! Blech

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