Dive Komodo

Komodo. The island of the dragons. F*ck dragons. We, sir, have scuba dived it. See, Komodo island is also home to some of the best diving on Earth. Literally. It’s so colourful, so diverse that I saw a shark, a turtle and a manta ray all in the same day. No, really I did!

So anyway, I finished the dive early because I was getting cold and tired, but mum and Guy, our group’s dive master, kept on going while I lounged on the roof of the dive boat. As for what went on underwater, you can check out mum’s blog at http://travelswithanineyearold.com/2011/05/19/sharks-in-the-land-of-the-dragons/ for more details. Bye all!


4 Responses to Dive Komodo

  1. Snorkler says:

    1) We’re so impressed that you can scuba
    2) Shark? Shark?!!!
    3) Ah, we see from your mum’s blog that it was a friendly. (Yeah right a friendly shark, methinks our scuba suits would have needed a right good wash after that sighting.)
    4) Respect please, for the dragons! I googled them after reading your blog and thought you might like the pics on this link http://www.animalseatinganimals.com/2010/07/when-komodo-dragons-get-hungry-they-get.html
    5) Keep blogging Z!
    Love, Caroline and Fred

  2. Abby says:

    hahaha that made me laugh…I’m very jealous!!!!

  3. granny says:

    Sounds like a great improvement on the last couple of weeks!

  4. Helen says:

    Am so glad things are improving!!

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