Singapore and stuff

September 14, 2011

Okay, so we were in Singapore for a few days. In August. So mum’s making me write about it. So it sucks. The fact that I have to do this, that is. But Singapore was fun, I guess. Anyway, here’s my stupid post.

Well, there was Singapore national day, with the F-16s and the Apache and the Chinook and the paratroopers with their red smoke. That was fun. And noisy. And humid.

Then there was Universal Studios Singapore, which is by far the best theme park I have ever been to. Literallly. They turned The Mummy into a haunted house roller-coaster. Epic.

Then they had Battlestar Galactica as two different rides, one Human (big dipper) and one Cylon (suspended seat double loop).

It was impressive. Coupled with resort world, it takes up the whole island of Sentosa.

And you can’t really say you’ve done Singapore without doing the science museum with its Tesla coil and controlled firestorm. Yeah. I’m a pyromaniac.

So bye, I guess.

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